Gretchen Almy is an accomplished equine and canine portrait artist with collectors across the US.

Her specialty is the ability to capture the animals’ unique personalities in highly detailed graphite portraits and oils. Originally from Connecticut, she spent her summers at the family farm, in Westport, MA. It was there that she took her first riding lessons from her aunt at the age of five.  Many years later, what her parents had hoped was just a childhood hobby turned into a lifetime passion and vocation. She continues her love of riding on a ½ lease Dutch Warmblood, “Stradavarius.”

Ms. Almy has managed hunter jumper farms along the East Coast, wrangled horses in Wyoming, and is currently riding Dressage in Middleborough, MA. Having spent most of her life working with and around horses, Ms. Almy has always had an affinity and uncanny connection to the animals she has had the pleasure of knowing. “Portraiture is not about a ‘pretty’ painting of a horse or dog, it’s about capturing the soul of each animal you paint. It’s about combining my infatuation of animals and my artistic talent to give something very special and personal to a client. I’m able to offer more than just a correct photographic rendition in oil or graphite. By working closely with my subjects and their owners, I’m able to create a representation of the horse or dogs’ individual personality and expression. Each piece comes to life on the paper or canvas.” She believes "if you don’t capture the eye, then you don’t capture the true soul of the animal."

Gretchen presenting Gold Medalist Mclain Ward the painting she did of him on Goldika for the Fidelity Investments Jumper Classic, Hampton Falls, NH 2010.

Gretchen presenting Gold Medalist Mclain Ward the painting she did of him on Goldika for the Fidelity Investments Jumper Classic, Hampton Falls, NH 2010.

After losing one of her most beloved supporters, her father, she decided to leave her career in product design and explore her lifelong passion of art. “Life is short, I’d rather pursue something I love and receive inspiration on a daily basis. He always encouraged me to follow my passions and for that, I am very grateful.”

Ms. Almy has a BA in Fine Arts from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA (now Randolph College) and spent a semester studying art in Florence, Italy. Through her company, Gretchen Almy Designs, located in Middleborough, she offers more than just portraiture in graphite, oil, digital color renditions, and candid photography. Gretchen produces an extensive gift line with a variety of styles and products to interest even the most discerning of tastes. She also creates product designs for a nationally known greeting card and t-shirt company, licenses her work, is a freelance graphic & logo designer. She is also constantly exploring her own unique style of equestrian art that meshes a bit of abstract expressionism, bright colors, and lively brush strokes to capture the equine form in a way like no other. Her work has been shown locally as well as in Boston and New York.




In the News

Chronicle of the Horse

Article featuring my artwork.

Kent  farrington for web.jpg

Kent Farrington Presentation

Presenting Kent Farrington the art of him and UpChiqui at the Fidelity Jumper Classic.

Kent Farrington And I from FJC.jpg

With Kent Farrington after I presented him with the art at The Fidelity Jumper Classic.

Mclain Ward Presentation

Here I am presenting Mclain Ward with the original oil painting I created of him and Goldika at the Fidelity Jumper Classic.

Dottie Morkis Presentation

Here I am presenting Dottie Morkis her original artwork at Bear Spot Freestyle in Concord, MA.

sapphire for web.jpg

Mclain Ward & Sapphire

Photos taken by myself of Mclain Ward, wife Lauren, and famous show jumper Sapphire at Castle Hill Farm for the book "Unbridled Passions" by Jeff Papows.

Silver Oak presentation 2014.jpg

Paul O'Shea Presentation


I'm presenting Paul O'Shea with his artwork at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament.

Gretchen Almy Studio

At my studio Open House.

Nona Garson

Nona Garson and Languster photo that I took for the book "Unbridled Passions."

Peter Leone

Photo I took for the book "Unbridled Passions" in Florida.

Margie Engle

Margie and Perrin at WEF for the book "Unbridled Passions."

Beezie Madden

Beezie & Authentic for the book "Unbridled Passions"

Ian Millar

Mclain Ward & Sapphire

When I photographed them at Castle Hill for the book "Unbridled Passions"